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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Healthy Grocery List Ideas

 What do you have on your list?

Grocery shopping can be a confusing, even intimidating experience for those who are looking to eat healthier, but have little experience in buying the correct foods in order to do so. I do want to acknowledge that while it is true that some healthy food choices are a bit more expensive than other, not-quite-as-healthy options, this is not always the case. That being said, only you can be the judge of what is going to work for you from a cost perspective.

The following is a list of items which I deem to be healthy food choices. I will organize them by macronutrient (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) to make tailoring your list to your specific dietary needs a bit easier. Many of the items listed are those that I frequently purchase (noted with a "*"), while some are those that I usually only pick up if I am looking for a change of pace. Hopefully this list will give you some ideas for the next time you visit the grocery store!

  • Milk* - Loaded with vitamins and minerals
  • Chicken* (sliced, breast, etc.) - Lean protein source that can often be found at good prices
  • Eggs* - In addition to the protein they provide, eggs are a great source of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals - If restricting calories or eating reduced fats, try Egg Beaters of egg whites
  • Cottage cheese* - Contains a slower-digesting protein called casein - Good any time
  • Greek yogurt* - Packed with probiotics and protein, Greek yogurt is a great snack that mixes well with your favorite fruits, cinnamon, etc.
  • Beef (steak, patty, ground*) - While some beef can be a bit high in saturated fat, it is loaded with protein (eat in moderation or, if ground, find something like 93/7)
  • Pork loin/chop - "The other white meat" is another good protein source and offers a change of pace
  • Fish (tuna*, salmon, tilapia, etc.) - Omega fatty acids and protein are the name of the game with fish - Limit intake to 2-3 servings per week to avoid any mercury-related concerns
  • Turkey (deli meat* or ground) - Another change of pace meat that is lean and versatile
  • Bison - Extremely lean meat that is loaded with protein - "Gamier" flavor than beef
  • Cheese/String cheese* - A great add-on to other foods and makes a great, portable snack.
  • Grains* (breads, cereals/oats, pastas, quinoa) - Whole wheat variations - Make sure ingredients listed state "whole grain" or "whole wheat" and not something like "enriched, bleached..."
  • Sweet potatoes/Yams - Packed with vitamins and minerals, great source of energy and makes a nice side dish
  • Vegetables* (broccoli, asparagus, lettuce, carrots, peppers, etc.) - Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants - Great side dish or snacker
  • Fruits* (apples, bananas, berries, etc.) - Loaded with vitamins and minerals, good source of energy
  • Legumes (red kidney beans, black beans, lentils, etc.) - Nutritionally balanced food containing proteins, carbohydrates and fats and is a great source of fiber - Be cautious of sugar content in canned beans.
  • Nut butters/Nuts* (peanuts, almonds, etc.) - Great source of unsaturated fats and pairs wonderfully with grains, fruits and even vegetables - Look for a "natural" butter that includes little more than the variation of nut and possibly some salt on the ingredients panel
  • Extra virgin olive oil - Mixes well with vegetables, in salads, or as a topper for meats
  • Avocado - Source of healthy fats that can be eaten on its own, as part of a healthy snack like guacamole, or chopped up in salad
  • Cream - In moderation, cream is a nice thickening agent to use in shakes, coffees, etc.
  • Protein foods* (meats, eggs, fish, cheeses, etc.) - Often saturated fats which, while not inherently bad, should be consumed in moderation.
Please share - What do you have on your list?


  1. One of my personal staples is brown rice (whole grain). Brown rice has a variety of uses and helps you keep the feeling of being full. I tend to use brown rice combined with a protein, usually chicken (in stir fry or alone) or eggs - you'd be amazed how good a soft-yolk egg is over some brown rice!

    Another favorite of mine is almond butter! My personal favorite is by Maranatha. While peanut butter is delicious, almond butter is a great change of pace and comes in salt-free varieties that still taste great!

    So. Brown rice and Maranatha Almond Butter are two "must have's" at my house :)

  2. Hey thanks for the comment Katie!

    The things that you mention are a couple of my favorites. Eggs and brown rice are an absolutely awesome pairing...Add in a little salsa and you have a Grade A meal right there!

    Almond butter is a great change of pace from the natural peanut butter that I regularly consume. For some reason though I can't help but constantly keep crawling back to my good ol' PB.

    Thanks for the contribution!