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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The ABC's of Health and Wellness: "C"

The letter of the day is 'C'. How cool is that???

Consistency - A lot of attention is placed on diet, rest and exercise when people talk about what it takes to get in shape (and rightfully so!). However, in order for these things to have an opportunity to impact your body positively, they need to be given time to work their magic. There are no quick fixes in this game (regardless of what you may hear from advertisers looking to push the next "magic pill"). Instead, consistency with regard to the way you eat, sleep and train must be employed in order to see the results that you aspire to achieving.

Think for a moment about how long it took you to get to where you are today - whether that's overweight, underweight, or in shape...These things take time! "Rome wasn't built in a day". Rather, many days of hard work were put into constructing the city. Much the same is required for the development of the body. Straying from one's diet or training regimen is OK from time to time if you ask me (I even encourage taking occasional breaks to recharge and refocus), but you need to stay steadfast and determined in your approach, consistent in your efforts and realistic about the fact that it WILL take time. That being said, once you have finally gotten to where you are going it will be all the more rewarding when you get there (and remembering all the time and effort it took in doing so will be added motivation to keep working hard).


  1. Really motivational post this one form you. This is fact that consistency is needed for achieve every tough goal of life. Diet plan is also need some consistency. If you want to take rest from some important mission. It is not possible for you to achieve that goal.

  2. eye lift - Well said! I am glad you enjoyed it.