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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Motivational Quotes - Health and Wellness: 01/10/12

"Good things come to those who work their tails off in pursuit of said things."

In the world of health, wellness and nutrition, good things do in fact come to those who work hard (and smart) toward achieving their goals. On the contrary - Those who wait receive nothing but a few more pounds and a few more days of dissatisfaction with themselves.

Work hard - Don't wait.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year's Resolutions - Eating Healthy and Getting in Shape

Happy New Year!!! So another year is in the books and here we are, as we do each year about this time, wondering how it is possible that yet another 365 days has already gone by. The fact remains that yes, another 365 days have come and gone and here you are left to decide what it is about this year, 2012, that will make it better than the last...Perhaps even the best ever??

You can't really even say "New Year" without concurrently thinking about "resolutions". With the New Year comes new beginnings and often times those beginnings are initiated by the well known, and oft anxiously awaited, New Year's resolutions. Year after year the masses proclaim those things that they will start doing or stop doing that will, in turn, make their lives improved. Interesting then that, according to WikiAnswers, "only 8% of Americans achieve their New Year's resolutions". Pretty sad isn't it? All the fuss about our impending resolutions, yet only 8% of us (if you are American...I don't readily have statistics for other places throughout the world) successfully achieve them.

I have a number of suggestions for achieving your resolutions and some of my previous posts can hopefully lend themselves to make doing so more reasonable:
  • Create a healthy grocery list and put it to use! Surround yourself with good, nutritious food options.
  • Create SMART goals. It is pointless setting goals that are unrealistic - Use this guide to help!
  • Begin following a weightlifting routine. While diet / nutrition are key aspects to getting and staying in shape, a solid workout regimen is hugely important for facilitating a successful "flab to fab" transition.
  • Be consistent! To create a new habit, it is said that one needs to repeatedly perform whatever it is they are looking to start or stop for 21 days straight. That is not to say one should be in the gym 21 days in a row, but that does mean one should strive to be consistent in their diet and mindset for as long (and longer).
  • Follow my Top Five Nutrition Tips.

As we enter yet another new year, many of us will turn to the gym in an attempt to achieve are New Year's resolutions. I wish you all the best in making this the best year of your lives!