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Monday, April 4, 2011

The ABC's of Health and Wellness: "A"

This is the first post of a segment that I will call The ABC's of Health and Wellness. Pretty simple concept and one that, I would be willing to bet, you are already familiar with. Each post will be centered around a health, wellness, or nutrition related word or phrase that begins with the letter of the alphabet that is is due up in the A to Z order. Thereafter, each subsequent post will pertain to a word or phrase that begins with the next letter in the alphabet. Get it? Got it? Good! Class is now in session...

The letter of the day is 'A'.

Attitude - Defined by dictionary.com as the "manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc., with regard to a person or thing; tendence or orientation, especially of the mind". I want you to read that definition again and pay special attention to the last four words in the passage "especially of the mind". Attitude is all about the mind.

It's no secret that getting in shape and living a healthy lifestyle requires having a positive attitude. There WILL be times when you want to get off of the treadmill rather than finish the last 10 minutes or your walk or run. There WILL be times that you get frustrated because the fat is not peeling away at the rate you were hoping that it would. There WILL be times you want to give up. Just accept that these are givens, understand that this journey is a marathon (not a sprint) and make the conscious decision to have a positive attitude. Do these things and your mind will be your ally...Better that than your foe.


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